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The Devil’s Playground

Trigger Warning : Addiction

“I’m not gonna go back in the mud because you can’t dig yourself out.”

I lay traps using pretty illusions and fears,

To enslave your soul in a prison of your mind.

Don't you dare try to break my chains,

Or my wrath will send demons at your tail.

Don't you fucking trust that blinding light,

I won't hesitate to carve rage in your heart,

And blacken your wings with desperation.

I like to watch children fight to the death,

For scraps of food that will poison them.

Nothing good lasts in the pits of hell,

It’s delightful you come back so often.

Oh how much I love seeing you cling on me,

For I have no desire to set you free.

Addiction is the devil's playground.

May your find your way out someday, with only memories of me.



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