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Lead the way

V : Told ya we’d find it.

Saul : Never doubted either.

V : You seemed pretty impatient about it though.

V : So... how does it feel?

Saul : It feels... like I can finally breathe and rest.

Saul : Like I can stop worrying.

Saul : I never thought that would happen.

V : And I never thought I’d find peace near Night City.

Saul’s prayer : You told me that, one day, I’d find a home that would bring me the love that I deserve.

Turns out, that love found me and brought me the home that I needed.

I’m never gonna be sure of what comes next, but I’m sure that my place is somewhere I can finally live for myself, with her.

I’m done worrying so much if things don’t go the way I expect them to. It doesn’t matter because... I know I can find peace in myself now. The world can tell me I’m never gonna be enough, but it’s not what I feel anymore.

I know my value now. I learned it through her eyes, through her love... and mine. I thought I’d have to prove my worth to her but I never had to. She just... gets me. Made me feel understood even when I didn’t understand myself. Believed in me, even when I wasn’t sure I did. And loved me, when I couldn’t.

I’m not my father and I’ll never be my mother. I don’t need to be anything else anymore.

I’ll never be able to thank you enough for leading us where we belong. I know how much you like the mountains, so I hope you’ll like it here. Cause this time, it really feels right.


For me, Saul & V’s story is really one of self love. It’s through each other they learn that they can’t punish themselves forever, and that they are worthy of a better life. After each tough challenge, they get closer to who they really are and understand that, they can always start again. Stronger, wiser and more detached from what they do not need. Also, wayyy more relaxed. 😄🏝️



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