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Sleepless nights

Across the bar, a couple is celebrating their anniversary.

Man : To five years of ups and downs! But mostly downs!

Woman : (laughing) Screw you Peter!

V : That’s a milestone in Night City.

Saul : Guess some things are worth staying after all.

V : Right...

V : Shame that’ll never be us.

Saul : That’s messed up V... Why are you saying that?

V : Shit, sorry I’m... I’m not thinking straight.

Saul : I know, but still--

V : Can I have a cigarette?

Saul : What?

V : Just give me one will ya? I know you still stash them in your pocket.

Saul : Those are for emergencies only.

V : Exactly why I need one right now. Please don’t make me beg again...

Saul : Alright alright.

Panam : Thought you were going out or something?

V : Yeah, but kinda sucks here.

Panam : Then why’d you insist to go there?

V : Dunno, tryna make it feel like a normal relationship I guess.

Panam : But you don’t have a normal relationship V. You don’t have to do all this, just relax together and please, stop making him feel like it’s already over!

V : I know Panam, I feel like a giant asshole... but I can’t pretend. I can’t be optimistic like him, I don’t see any other option.

Panam : It’s not always about you.

V : Think I don’t know?

Panam : Then try harder for christ sake!!

V : Saul?

V : I’m so sorry for all this, I...

V : I just wanna be with you. More than anything.

V : Hey look!

Saul : What is it?

V : Remember when I told you about that dirty pun you can only see around 2:30 a.m. on the billboards near my building?

Saul : The one with the airline?

V : Yep.

Saul : Hmm...

V : What?

Saul : Tryin’ to put ideas in my head?

“I won’t pretend... but don’t tell me it’s over yet.”


Oldest story that got stuck in my draft since summer last year. Be free now!



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