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Marble Dress & Accessories

V’s thoughts : Pretend your mantis blades aren’t missing… 😩


Dress refitted for :

- Enhanced boobs + Big butt : EBBB

- Enhanced boobs + Vanilla butt : EBVB

- Medium boobs + Big butt : MBBB

- Medium boobs + Vanilla butt : MBVB

- Small boobs + Big butt : SBBB

- Small boobs + Vanilla butt : SBVB

Note : If the game has issues loading the color, unequip the dress and equip it back. No idea why it happens. If someone knows, feel free to leave a comment or message me.

Songbird earrings & Rogue choker

Accessories use NIM’S MORE MESHES (HEAD & BODY) -> Make sure to download on Nexus

- 10 slots available

- Do not replace an item

- Appear directly in game on V

- Mix and Match -> Use different slots to avoid conflict

Single Valentino bracelet (left and/or right)

Matching high heels

Colors and Base can be used separately to match with other mods of the same items.

Codes & Instructions in the download.

Thank you @breezypunk for the refits and @wanderingaldecaldo​ for the help!

Tested on patch 1.5.

I don't take requests and only take my messages here, on Tumblr, Twitter or if pinged in a Cyberpunk Discord (same username everywhere).


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