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Musician Inspiration



GRACE SLICK (Jefferson Airplane)





You guys with all your beautiful music groups are really inspiring me to share a bit more the musical side of my V. Been thinking about this for a while since the audio work, but I still haven’t find a name... so I’ll let it come naturally.

I have plans with the audio work for her to have also a podcast (a little hobby) where she’ll meet or interview the lovely or weird fellows she’ll meet on her journey alongside her music career (an old dream she never had the opportunity to live until she met Kerry). 🎸🎸

She plays many instruments, but she’s primarily a bassist and a singer. Also being a good friend of Denny, she’ll help her do some gigs with her little bro Kerry (I know he’s older, but she’s like a big sister to him). 💕

A little detail I wanna reveal is that in my HC, Saul has a secret hobby he keeps for himself... he writes poetry (we all know he’s a softie inside 🥰). He still has trouble sharing it, but he helps V write her songs from time to time.

She’s been playing music since her early teens, but never had money to buy quality equipement. Nevertheless, when Johnny took over and played, it wasn’t just easy cause it was him, but also cause V’s fingers were already trained.

My character inspo is pretty much myself, but those are musicians that really inspire me for her and also have a great influence in my life. Though I wanna make a special mention for my favorite band, Pink Floyd, cause it’s probably the most important influence for her music style, which is based first on Psychedelic and Progressive Rock.

Thank you @elowmojo​ for the character sheet inspiration!



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