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Say the words that I can’t say

“This can wait... at least for a little while longer.”


Exhausted from the past days, Saul is seeing V’s apartment for the first time. Even if she said to Panam that she was feeling overwhelmed and needed time alone, Panam knew her too well to know that she was also missing some quiet time alone with him.

She soothes him and he makes her feel safe. They get each other deep down, but also on what they seek the most long term... stability. In life, with family and especially in love. 💗💗💗

They might not need to talk often to know what the other needs, but there are things they secretly want and wish it would be easier to say. But you know, until they get the courage to be more vocal about those things, they’ll always catch each other no matter what. For now, all Saul wants to do is hold her hand in complete silence. Just that.

Not gonna lie, he’s definitely in need of some good street food, warm showers and a cozy bed with his sweetheart. 🥙🍜🧋Though the most important thing they crave remains : intimacy.

As for the clan... they’ll manage fine without him... at least for 2-3 days. XD This might become a regular thing for Saul, so regular that Panam would actually regret a little pushing him to go there. Truth is, Saul isn’t that confident inside and it’s actually why he puts such a hard exterior... because of what he needs to do, but most of all to protect his heart. 💔

He might think in all his attempts to make her see him and understand what he really wants her to know, he kinda fails... but let me tell you that V can pick up on more subtleties than he thinks. She just doesn’t wanna mess this up either...



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