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How to modify the CP77 texting template without Photoshop

Goro being a little b**** above. He sends the funniest texts.


PS : I don’t have Photoshop and I’m a beginner at using those features so there is probably a better way for some steps, but for now it works. Feel free to leave comments if you find other ways. ;)

1. Download the template here :

2. Go to the Photopea website to edit PSD files :

3. Drag your PSD template into the website.

4. In the right bar, in Layers, select the layer you want to write in.

5. In the left bar, you can use the Zoom tool (Z).

6. Select the Type tool (T)

7. Make sure you click directly over the text, otherwise it will create another layer. You can undo this with Cmd + Z or Ctrl + Z.

8. Once finished writing, clicking Enter makes another line so I select another layer instead.

9. Repeat the same process for all the layers you can write in.

10. If you want to resize the boxes, I don’t know any other method yet than this. Select the “bottom” line in the layers.

11. Select the Move tool (V) in the left bar.

12. You can move up the line with the up arrow on your keyboard and if you want to go faster, hold Shift at the same time (might be different on PC, I’m on Mac for this).

13. Select the layer “change size to fit message”.

14. Check the Transform control box.

15. Hold Shift and resize the box (you might want to zoom more so it’s properly aligned).

16. To move the boxes, you might need to uncheck or not Transform controls. Select the whole layer (or everything in it) and simply move the box with the mouse or the arrow to keep it aligned (holding Shift to move faster).

17. To copy a box, select the whole layer you want to copy and simply copy-paste like usual. It will create another layer you can rename (double click on the layer name). Select that layer and move it with Shift + down arrow.

18. Once your edits done, you can save it as PSD to modify it again or you can Export in the format you need.

And Voilà! Now you know an alternative method to modify these files to your liking! Now go have fun with your babes. <333

Thank you so much @daydreamsonacloudyday​ :)))


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