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How much I love you

Judy : So that’s why you didn’t pick up for 3 days... Was starting to think you’d forget about our little lunch.

V : Yeah, sorry for confirming last minute. Turned off my phone alarm.

Judy : And you didn’t feel it buzzing?

Judy : Did you?

V : Glad you called Misty to check up on me, otherwise I might not have woken up before midday.

Judy : Well I was a little worried. Last time we talked, things seemed quite chaotic with the fam.

V : Didn’t expect things to take a good turn in the end…

Judy : Neither did I. But we pulled through. Now we can finally chill for once.

V : (laugh) Until things turn to shit again.

Judy : (laugh) Doubt something will ever stop you. You’re one of the most resourceful and bull-headed person I know.

V : Then that something would have to be incredibly distracting.

Judy : Heh…

V : Alright, sorry about that again.

Judy : Nah it’s fine V, I get it.

Judy : But next time you shut down the rest of the world, don’t forget leave me a warning.

V : I will. Till next time Jud.

Judy : See ya.

V’s thoughts : Christ, one hour feels like an entire day. Wish she didn’t have to leave so soon.

V’s thoughts : Probably would have grown tired of me talking about it non stop anyway. Ugh!! I never been so impatient since… shit can’t even remember.

V’s thoughts : I’m still gonna pray for him to call in the next hour, I can’t think about anything else.

V’s thoughts : Well well, guess my prayers sent someone perfect to bother until I can get out of here.

V : Actually mind I join you in a bit? There’s something important I need to do right now, won’t take long.

Goro : Go ahead then, I’ll wait by the canal.

V : Great. Be right back.

Saul’s voicemail : Hello V. Hum, Saul speaking. Heard about something big happening in Night City...

Saul’s voicemail : Hello V. Hum, Saul speaking...

Goro : What were you doing up there for so long? I don’t feel like meditating again.

V : You got games on your phone now, should keep you busy.

Goro : They make me frustrated.

V's thoughts : Why am I not surprised...

Goro : You didn’t answer my question.

V : I was just... I was doing important stuff, told you.

Goro’s thoughts : Important... I am not blind. That stupid vague look...

V’s thoughts : Saul... Voice... Mmm... Warm... Saul... Everything...

V : (drunk) Think you could teach me that one? Don’t have my Strat on me, you living in the neighborhood? Wait, I’ll record and you just tell me the chords, kay?

V’s voicemail to Saul : ...anyway (drunker), just wanted to tell you cause... (deep breath) there was this guy playing guitar today and he played a song and I was just so moved cause it reminded me of how much i love you and I want you to hear it cause, cause... it’s just so good! You’ll see... or hear haha! I can’t wait to see you!! Okay byyyeee!!

Goro : Huh, didn’t know you already declared your love for each other.

Goro : You forgot something? ... Was it something I said? ... Hey.

V : One sec.

Goro : Why are you acting weird? ... V!

V : I’m trying to concentrate!!

Goro : Why are you panicking?

V : Cause he wasn’t supposed to know that! It’s way too early, now he’s gonna think I’m clingy and… fuck!

Goro : I really don't think that would come to his mind. I’m sure he already knows how much you love him after everything you both went through. Sure he was expecting it to happen.

V : But it wasn’t supposed to happen like that!!

V’s texts :

yeah uh

might seem like a weird request, but can you not listen to your last voicemail?

if you could just delete it that would be even better, cause it’s really hum

it doesn’t represent

it’s just embarrassing okay?

just delete it

anyway see you later

i guess...


V’s voicemail : ... cause it reminded me of how much I love you and I want you to hear it cause, cause...

Saul’s thoughts : ... how much I love you.



That one stayed almost a year in my drafts... even made a teaser last year for it oh well...

Happens after this bit here cause, you know...

When something is important to me, I tend to wait for a perfect moment to share cause that's my thing and sometimes that moment passes and doesn't come back before a while but that's fine. Can't rush anymore. Not the point.

I remember laughing with you guys about this serie. That's the kind of memories I'll always keep in the end. 🫂



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