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Why I believe Goro lost a kid and Saul a brother/sister

So that’s my theory for both Goro & Saul :

I think Goro lost a kid.

He wouldn’t go to such lengths to save V if he wasn’t in love with V and/or protective like a father to V.

He learns very early V is gonna die, he bonds with them because of his past and protects.

It’s natural for him.

It’s probably why he acts like such a dad.

The obligations may be related to his grieving process or something related to that.

It’s also probably why he wants to perform seppuku.

He already lost a kid, now he’s losing another and everything related to Arasaka, probably his only family.

For him, nothing is worth staying in this life.


About Saul, I think he lost a brother/sister (adoptive or not).

Something happened to Saul in his past that made him bitter and almost too cautious.

This is the convo with Panam in the car when you go save him :

P : I still can’t believe he let himself get captured… Anyone else… but Saul?

V : Said yourself he’s not at the top of his form.

P : Yes, but… Moving civilians across the border during a bombardment… Hijacking a Petrochem tanker, opening the valves, cranking a few figure eights to set the desert ablaze and give the kids a fun show… That’s the Saul I remember. (Panam is super joyful in those lines)

V : All had our idols…

P : I know. It’s just…

And then the conversation cuts short

Why would Saul let himself get captured so easily?

Is he losing hope?

After all, he became leader in the most difficult time of the clan where it’s on the verge of falling apart, what might be his only family now.

Saul seemed more happy before, more joyful.

Saul seemed to take more risks before, what happened?

Maybe he caused indirectly the death of a brother/sister because of his recklessness

Because Panam and V cause his death indirectly (not completely their fault) with a reckless plan and that’s why Panam is more affected. She’s probably feeling guilty.

That’s why Saul is so against Panam being reckless and asks V to keep her out of danger constantly.

Saul also gained a brother/sister and/or a woman he finally sees a future with, someone he was so scared to lose and was ready to give his life for.


Those characters are very misunderstood.

They are more complex and human than we think they are.

They almost never speak for themselves, almost always through Arasaka and the Aldecaldos.

We know almost nothing about their pasts, who they really are...

There is a reason why we don’t know that, yet... ;)

Almost every CP77 character is grieving.

It’s a dangerous world and such a strong theme in the game.

I think V renewed hope in those men. It’s very significant.

Pawel Sasko said that the characters pasts explain why they are behaving in a certain way.

When those guys will be ready to open up... we will know why. :)

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