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The nightmares in me

TRIGGER WARNING : Self harm / Suicide (suggestion, no blood)

Reminder : My content sometimes showcases sensitive themes from the game.

The audio above is my best work yet. With V & Saul’s voices together, breaths, music, sound effects, ambience and a ton of emotions that makes everything feel like a real scene. Finally beginning to be able to post stuff I needed to work months for to get there, so if you want to support me, give it a listen! ;)


Audio scene

I should have known


The nightmares in me

This is a hard one, but sometimes... these feelings need to get out.

V’s and her friends’ suffering might be uncomfortable, but to me, it’s important I use the whole palette of emotions of this game in my art.

It’s often the hardest of challenges that strengthen the bond between people.

“It doesn’t have to be our end.”




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