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Seeds of Justice

Trigger warning : Violence, blood, trauma & abuse (metaphor)


Ship song :

I'll See You in the Stars - Andir Salamanca

(Press play to listen while scrolling)


Your mind will die with mine

So that only our souls remain

He will make our bodies small again

So that we face the fears we dread

We will get lost, we will despair

But through courage, through honesty

Through love...

We will find the scattered pieces

We will seal the wounds of our past


Those who never redeem

Those who never forgive themselves

Those who choose greed, control and jealousy

Instead of liberation through sacrifice, through surrendering

Will never heal

Do not worry, my broken hearted

The truth whispers louder than the screams of a liar...

You can rest, do not waste your breath away

I promise you, I swear to take you

"Over the hills, where heavens await you."


There is a life after trauma and abuse

You will find freedom and peace

They never will

That is justice



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