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Saul's Wishes

V : Hey you.

Saul : Hey, found what you were looking for?

V : Nah, I’ll get my wish another way. Just thought this time I could have gotten it for free.

Saul : Wish I could be more helpful, but uh… yeah, my resources are quite limited in this area.

V : What do you really wish for though? Any dream I could help you fullfill?

Saul : Nobody ever asked me that...

V : Really?

Saul : Maybe just when I was a kid… but I never thought someone would truly care about it.

V : I do, and a fuck ton at that. So… you gotta give me some clues.

Saul : Wait, have to think this right.

Saul : I wish...

Saul : For a life where people wouldn't depend on me so much. Where I could depend on someone too.

And I want to sleep more in the morning.

I want to read in my bed and not have to take a ride to get some peace and quiet.

I wanna have a few drinks sometimes in the afternoon, without feeling already exhausted.

I want to grill real food on the weekends, anything I used to like...

V : And…?

Saul : A bath. A nice, long and hot one.

And I want you in all of those things.

V : Sounds like a plan.



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