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Saul’s interesting details

Thank you for the tag @pinkydude​, really appreciate it! 💜

  • Cassidy’s story (audio above)

  • Expressive eyebrows

  • Toddler Saul

  • Body details

  • Clothes details

  • Self harm scars (Trigger Warning)

  • Johnny’s shoes

  • Actor reference

Cassidy’s story (agave leaves)

The audio above is Cassidy talking about the time when Saul and him had to survive in the desert and chew on agave leaves. He does not recommend it. 😂

They found shelter I believe in the same farm you take refuge in with Panam and Saul during the sandstorm. Saul said about it “I remember the place. It should be safe.”

I don’t know where or if this story is in the game, but it’s in Cassidy’s VO.


Expressive eyebrows

One of my favorite features of him. Saul is very expressive with his eyebrows and the shape of it fits with his strong-willed personality, but also his softer side. When he worries about V (multiple scenes), he looks so sad and cute unlike when he’s concerned about business. He can raise one eyebrow at a time like in his voicemail. 😘😘😘


Toddler Saul

Not a lot of people know this, but Saul has a very sweet and playful side in his personality that comes out in specific moments, if you pay attention to him or talk to him more. I bet you we will see a more tender and childlike Saul in the expansions.. He has very squishable cheeks too. 🥰

These are all genuine expressions

Need to keep a close watch on him, he’s probably already making sneaky plans for the future. 😇😈😊


Body details

Saul has native american and hispanic features and shares a lot of similarities with Rogue and Santiago. If you wanna know more :

He doesn’t have cyberwear since the Aldecaldos rarely use it, but I think he has a heart pump, unless Mitch was making a metaphor for his heart. 🤔

He has only one tattoo on his left arm, a bit faded with the Aldecaldo horses.

Saul has very distinctive arms and they often give me a hard time for the swaps, like here where his forearm is too big and goes through Goro’s neck. 😄 I don’t know if his chest is a bit bigger to accomodate the arms, but he also has a gorgeous neck. 😏😏😏

His hair is quite iconic and in some lightings, it looks like he has a bit of gray hairs.

He has a scar above his left eyebrow. I’m surprised he doesn’t have more scars, since it’s hinted he used to be more reckless by the past. Or he has more in places I can’t see...

His eye shape and nose have equestrian traits. He represents well the animal in many aspects : freedom, courage, endurance, vitality, loyalty, strong emotions and sexual passions. 🤗🤗🤗

In brighter lights, his eyes can look gray, but they are dark green with some golden brown near the pupil. 💚💛

He has sun damage and many wrinkles around his eyes especially, since I believe he doesn’t sleep a lot and has a lot of pressure on his shoulders. 😟

You can see the asymetry on the nose and the lips. He has that big mustache I saw a lot on hispanic men.

He has a crooked tooth or he’s missing a part of it.

He has quite pretty and clean fingernails for a nomad.

When he was hurt in “Riders on the storm”, he had a concussion, but also some pretty nasty bruises everywhere and dried blood.

The Raffens cut a girl in front of him to try to make him talk about the camp’s location and plans. 😡😡😡

About the lighting in CP, in some instances it looks particularly bad for older people with dark skin. You can see the difference between the vanilla lighting and with cyberlit.

WHO DAT?? 😍😍😍


Clothes details

Leather, straps, belts and buckles...

He wears some type of chaps over his pants when he straps his gun on his right leg. I hope he’ll use his revolver in the future, like Goro his katana. 😁😁😁

His belt buckle I believe is supposed to represent a horse skull.


Self harm scars

Now this I didn’t know before doing this post. Saul has two thick vertical dark red marks on his wrists that look a lot like old self harm scars. You can see an invisible line between his arms and hands.

I tried to find if other main npcs had those marks, but I didn’t find anyone yet. All the veins I saw on the bodies are blue.

The colors of his bruises also match the colors of the marks.

It could be nothing important or storyline related since Saul seems to have a very troubled family past and struggles with depression. 😭😭😭

He wears a leather bracelet on his right wrist, but you can remove it with AMM and it’s the same marks on both sides.

Pretty veiny arms though.


Johnny’s shoes

Saul is wearing the exact same pair of shoes Johnny wears and it was confirmed to me by @pinkydude​ who tried to removed them relentlessly at the time. 🙏🙏🙏

Seeing more and more that the devs are actually not leaving details randomly, maybe it has to do with Santiago being good friends with Johnny by the past or I’ll never know.




Actor reference

Pretty sure I found the exact actor a while ago they used for inspiration. They probably made Diarmaid Murtagh (his VA) study the actor’s voice cause they sound incredibly similar. The body, face, expressions and even a part of the character’s behavior and personality he was known for, matches Saul’s. But that’s gonna be another future post my friends... 😉



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