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Saul’s gratitude

This is the scene after the Aldecaldos move the camp in Queen of the Highway after V helps get the panzer and patch things up between Panam and Saul. V faints and wakes up there, confessing the truth about Johnny to Panam. This is the way Saul looks at V while he’s being worried about her health and smiling like crazy seeing V seems okay. I also swapped him with Goro for good measure ;)

And an extra swap with River

We already have a female romance with a street kid...

Goro and Saul would be perfect nomad and corpo options. Both handsome, grumpy, sad and badass men with very similar personality, behaviour and values. Both their lives V can save, both connected to the main quest, both designed to please our eyes.

Another nice thing is when V receives the jacket and Saul says “We, all of us standing here, owe you, and it’s a great debt”, Bob answers in game “Speak for yourself Saul!” and in the scene files it’s also “But mainly you boss!”

When you go talk to him alone after and V says “G’night Saul”, Saul says “Wait. I feel I need to make one thing clear. You’ve done a lot for this clan. And for me, more than... anyone ever has.

Like who says that??? If that doesn’t show how much he cares for V...

Both canon they will always be to me. ❤️❤️❤️



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