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Next stop

V’s thoughts : How can the days move so fast and so slow at the same time…

V : Saul? We should get back on the road, I’d really like to be there before dark so we can eat before we prepare the set.

Saul : A few more minutes sweetheart. Just come on up a bit.

Saul : If it wasn’t for the junkyard hills next door, this could be a pretty cozy spot.

V : No need to rush for this, got plenty of time. We’ll find it sooner than later, I feel it.

Saul : Maybe we could paint the van for the next tour while repairing the AC?

V : Don’t you wanna rest for what’s left of your time off? Carol didn’t propose taking care of things with Panam so you could just jump into another project. Plus you’re helping me with my gigs half the time. You know Kerry can also do some lifting… if Denny wants to yell at him.

Saul : Kerry’s always too slow and keeps talking about hernias.

V : Kerry will say anything to not do what Kerry doesn’t wanna do. You just have to boss him around a bit, he’ll cave in. Just don’t expect the work to be done without bitching and many bathroom breaks.

Saul : Haha, yeah… But you know I always like helping you. V : That’s cause you get to see me more backstage. And I like it too.

Saul : I’ll have a talk with Mitch about it tomorrow. Sure he’ll give us a hand.

V : A hand? So you plan to sit on your fat ass and complain about the lack of shade while he paints better than you?

Saul : I am NOT…

Saul : …FAT!!!



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