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Morning Blues

Saul's thoughts : Wish I was able to keep my hopes up, but this is... If we don't find another way, not sure I...

V : Morning Saul.

Saul : Hey… morning. You already up?

V : Pretty early I know. Saw you around the fire when I got to bed. Don't tell me you stayed up all night again...

Saul : Not quite. Got 3-4 hours maybe. Not in a row, but it's something.

V : I can help you know. Used to insomnia, but it's been better lately.

Saul : At this point I don't think anything could be strong enough to knock me out for more than a few hours.

V : I'll give you something tonight. But only if you trust my expertise...

Saul : Uh...

V : Don't worry, it's just some medicinal herbs I got my hands on lately. Nothing too strong and no bad side effects, but it's effective enough to give you at least six to eight solid hours.

Saul : Medicinal herbs…

V : No, not that. Similar to what Dakota uses to calm her migraines, but less potent.

Saul : Oh, okay then. Seems to work not so bad for you. If you approve of it, I'll try this remedy of yours.

Saul's thoughts : She's the one who's health is falling apart, yet she worries more about my sleep... Least she seems happy here.

"Hope I have something to do with it."



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