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More real than this

Ship song :

Flesh and Blood - Solomon Burke


Saul : Honey?

Saul : I’m sorry for getting so angry.

Saul : I just wish all this was easier.

Saul : I don’t wanna go. I don’t want you to go.

V : No, I’m sorry for what I said and…

V : ...for doubting you.

V : It’s not you I wish to move away from, but what’s creeping in my head.

V : And I don’t want you to suffer because I do.

"But you're worth it to me."



Come sit beside me That'll do for now The night has come and left me Just the light that you allow

Come speak my name Fill my head with all such foolish dreams

My flesh and blood Is no more real to me Than what it seems

My love for you is burning Like a spark along a fuse I feel your mark upon me now As surely as the hand that leaves the bruise

Life is for the living And life comes hard for some The rest of us with flesh and blood Make it hard all along

All I ever wanted Was the freedom to refuse Or something of my own to love enough To hate To lose

The fever in my brain Is leaving smoke behind my eyes But the part of me that wants to change Fights the part of me that tries

Come see the golden light Cause I've turned the gold light on Sometimes god knows You gotta learn to shine, shine, shine shine, shine gold

I stepped out of darkness And for a moment I'm only living by your kiss, your kiss, your kiss, your kiss, your lips, your kiss

And now, just for now, our flesh and blood Is more real than this More real than this More real than this More real than this ...



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