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Maximum Mike - The Voice of Night City (5/6)


Each post will contain 3 stories from Maximum Mike (voiced by Mike Pondsmith)

Is there some hidden truth into them? Some subtle metaphors? It’s your call.


Is Biotechnica releasing experimental monsters in the Badlands?

- So, listen up, people.

- I’ve got a story to tell you.

- I heard something recently from a nomad friend of mine.

- She was telling me about some strange stuff happenin’ out in the Badlands to the East.

- She’s said she ran across another nomad patrol.

- 5 people, all mauled to death by a wild animal.

- But thing is, folks, there haven’t been mountain lions out there in almost a century, wolves in even longer.

- So, what could it be?

- Well, I’m reminded of a story.

- Story told me by an old merc I used to know.

- He once took a job to head and fly over to Romania, lookin’ for some corpo’s missing brother.

- Search took him to an old village, and they decided to camp for the night before searching the woods in the morning.

- That night, they could hear barking; howls in the distance. Even though they knew it had to be wild dogs, the team could barely get any sleep that night.

- Then, just before dawn, they were attacked by animals.

- But they weren’t dogs.

- They were werewolves.

- No, no listeners, I haven’t lost it.

- I mean it, they were werewolves.

- But not the ones of legend and not the ones in old Hollywood flatscreen flicks.

- These bad doggies came out of a lab.

- See, turns out that EBM had decided to back some rather unsavory sorts in an attempted coup of the governement and offered these gene-freaks as part of the deal.

- ‘Course it didn’t work, the coup was crushed a few months later, and EBM isn’t around anymore either.

- The question remains: where’d EBM get their knock-off wolfmen?

- They never had much of a gene-hacking division, so they must have come from some other corp.

- The obvious answer, of course, is Biotechnica, who just happen to own most of the lands south of Night City, all the way down to the border.

- So, what do you think listeners?

- Is Biotechnica releasing experimental monsters in the Badlands?

- Maybe those protein farms down there are a cover.

- Something broke out of a lab, with a taste for human blood.

- It’s always good advice to watch your back, but this time you might wanna pack a few Silver bullets next time you leave town.

- Just sayin’.


Who’s watching behind your eyes?

- So, people, listen up.

- This is serious.

- I want you to think about this.

- You know the name Raven.

- You know Moore, Dynalar, and of course, Kiroshi.

- They’re the finest eye makers in the world.

- Probably you’ve got at least one of them in your skull right now, don’t you?

- But do you ever wonder who’s watching behind those eyes?

- I think it’s time you do.

- Because those eyes aren’t yours, you know.

- Somebody makes them, somebody programs them.

- Those moments you think are private?

- How can you be so sure no one’s watching?

- The next time you’re out doing a deal, think about it.

- Maybe when you pull the trigger on that job, the corp who manufactured your eyes has evidence.

- You think you aren’t a target for blackmail?

- You better think hard about that last one, choomba, and be honest with yourself.

- Where do you think they get the datasets for the newest braindances?

- Heh, probably your private life.

- But hey, don’t limit your imagination, because the corporations sure don’t.

- What if there’s stuff they don’t want you to see?

- Little chameleon filter there, some perception coding here, and suddently they can decide what you even get to see.

- Who knows what they might wanna hide from you.

- Spies, secret labs, facilities, and of course, that kick-murder squad they sent to your door because you knew too much.

- So, you think seeing is believing?

- Not with these synthetic eyes.


The Bozos

- Yo, people!

- I’ve got a story to tell you.

- Maybe a little bit of history.

- Anybody remember the Bozos?

- They vanished from the city a couple decades back, so maybe you younger listeners won’t remember, but clowns once terrorized this place, yeah?

- Clowns.

- Really mean clowns.

- Back in the day, Night City had hundreds of what were called posergangs.

- That’s a gang where all the members get surgery to look alike or they get it on some theme, like characters from an old TV show…

- …or dead presidents.

- The bozos were biosculpted to look like circus clowns.

- And they liked to play pranks on people.

- But then they turned, and the pranks got real nasty.

- So, why did I bring up the Bozos, people?

- Well, that’s because I’ve got someone for all of you, faithful listeners, to keep an eye out for.

- I’ve got a trusted source on the street that tells me we’ve got a visitor to our fair city from Brazil.

- And this guy is something else.

- He’s got a permanent hairdo like a circus clown and I hear he’s even got a big red nose.

- Supposedly, he’s some kind of merc or arms dealer, but rumor is he’s also a genetic experiment.

- But hey, big nose, weird hair?

- Could this guy have something to do with the Bozos?

- Or maybe this guy just left his circus somewhere else?

- Time’s gonna tell, listeners, but in the meantime, I’m counting on you to watch out for flying pies that explode.



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