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Is Saul the son of Santiago and Rogue?

Santiago flirting with Rogue :


Some clarification : I’ve been analyzing the game and Saul for quite a while now and I tried to find evidences about Johnny being the father or even Smasher, but I wasn’t able to find enough to support it, unlike what I found about Saul and Santiago. This is only a theory and I’m dropping info after months of digging, so feel free to fish what you like and if you don’t agree, please do not leave hate.

Santiago has dark glasses in the game. They were removed by the AMM (mod).

In my opinion Saul not only possesses features of those two, but also a part of their behavior, qualities and flaws.


Ethnic backgrounds

Santiago’s mother was Native American and Hispanic and his father a second generation-generation Filipino immigrant.

Saul has strong Native American and Hispanic features.

Rogue’s ethnic background is unknown to me.


Santiago & Rogue’s relationship

“It was on the road that Santiago met a solo named Rogue Amendiares. They became quick business partners, doing gigs together around the area of Night City. Being a simple man, Santiago liked girls, guns, and fast cyberbikes; and he often teamed up with Rogue mostly because she was the one girl he hadn’t been able to score with.

We have no idea what happened between them after the bombing.

In my opinion, even if Rogue said she wasn’t interested, women change their minds, he might have grew on her or she didn’t want a relationship to interfere with business. Things are often not what they seem in this game like Pawel Sasko said.


Saul’s dialogues about Santiago

Saul is on the defensive through all this conversation.

V : You hear about Santiago? Used to be a nomad, long time ago…

S : Ever heard of our lord and savior Jesus Christ? Why folks suddenly recollecting Santiago?

V : Friend o’ mine did a job with him once.

S : That’s one old friend you got. He’s a legend, all right. Wouldn’t say he was my role model, but well… he was the man for his time and place.

V’s dialogue choice : Sounds like he’s not so legendary for you.

V : You don’t think he was all he was cracked up to be?

S : They say he was a big city nomad. Best o’ both worlds. Cept there ain’t no such thing. You’re either loyal to your family, or you ain’t.

V : Doesn’t loyalty to your friends count for something?

S : Maybe it does. Then you end up like Santiago. He snuffed it ‘cause some lunatic wanted to blow Arasaka to smithereens. What a friend.


Where is Santiago?

Santiago & Johnny

After the failed attempt to rescue Alt : “During the next two year, Santiago and Silverhand stayed with the Aldecaldos clan, who at the time were in the neighboring Mexico. While working with them, Santiago started to become more famous and visible in his community, suddenly finding out he was a leader.”

“At the end of the Fourth Corporate War, the nomad leader sent the Aldecaldo Lobos to help Silverhand, Rogue and the rest of their strike team in their attack on Arasaka Tower, which would later cause the AHQ Disaster and the end of the war.”

Trace Santiago

“At some point, Santiago had a son, Trace, who would become a well-known media in Night City. Santiago use to tell him about the old days, earning the nickname Old Man.

“Trace was raised on the road by his father Santiago and the rest of the Aldecaldos clan. Despite being the son of the leader of an entire nomad nation, he was determined to make his own impact on the world rather than following in his fathers’ footsteps as either a mercenary or a nomad leader, eventually becoming a media to accomplish that.”

Santiago slept around a lot. It’s possible he might have had many children.

Santiago also has an unnamed child listed in his bio.

Santiago’s death is unconfirmed

“By 2045, he was still leading the nomad nation.”

“By 2077, Santiago’s legacy had remained within the core heart of the Aldecaldos. Many of them see their former leader with great importance.

Some people speculate that the nomads tried to keep his name legendary since they have great respect for the man and that he didn’t die in the bombing. Mike Ponsmith said that the game respects the original lore almost entirely.

Santiago’s holo

Santiago also appears on V’s phone. People speculated it was a bug or relic from Johnny’s memories, but Johnny never calls Santiago in his quests. Some say it’s meant to be used later and it’s a hint. It hasn’t been removed with the latest patch.

About Santiago being replaced by Saul

It’s possible that Santiago was not replaced by Saul but scheduled to reappear later. The game is short, was rushed and having this flirting scene with him in the Atlantis means that it might have another purpose than only making Johnny jealous. In the scene files, the scene where Saul and Panam have a very heated screaming match is labelled “Panam and Santiago”.

Now, a software engineer talked a while back on tumblr about how the scene files contain implicit information about the characters.

After screaming against Saul, Panam says this : “Thanks, I believe the last time I pulled something like that, I was ten years old.”

It can mean they are only reiterating a scene from the past with Santiago. No other places in all the scene files with Saul is mentionned Santiago instead of him.

It’s also possible that Santiago was planned to still be the leader in 2077, but for multiple reasons, instead of replacing the character, they made another son.


Rogue’s past

“After the bombing of Arasaka Tower, by 2045, she had largely retired from the solo lifestyle and worked in the Afterlife as a middleman between solos and potential contracts. This was to ensure they would not harm her because of her involvement in the terrorist attack. She also had a son around this time.”

We have no idea who her son is at the moment.

In my opinion, the drawing found in her room looks like the last thing she kept from her son before coming to own the Afterlife. He could have been born a bit before that time seeing the drawing skills.

“By 2045, Lilayah and Trace had met other edgerunners in Night City, forming a small group who, from time to time, helped each other.”

Trace was probably at least 18 years old by 2045. He has blue eyes and brown hair. Here’s a photo of him (probably the one behind in the middle) with edgerunners you can find behind the bar counter of the Afterlife.

Greetings for nowhere

You can find this shard in Rogue’s room during the Sun ending. To me, it looks like Santiago is the one who sent it.


I'm writing this to you because I couldn't bring myself to call you, let alone come see you. I was in town a while ago and even went to the Afterlife. I just stood and stared at the bouncer for, like, five minutes until some punks came out and told me to beat it.

I stopped by the Atlantis. Know what it looks like now? I guess you do - you were always sentimental about those things. I liked that about you - it brought us closer together. The only difference between us was how much emotion we could handle sober.

Funny - I was trying NOT to stroll down memory lane with this message. I'm staying in the middle of nowhere right now - not a satellite in sight, and the folks here drink rattlesnake moonshine. I figured you had everything you wanted in life... but you sure as hell don't have a bottle of rattlesnake moonshine. I'll send you a bottle - you can raise a glass to me.


Rogue’s succession

Here is a drawing in her room

Just under it there is this shard :

Banking details

Dear Ms. Amendiares

We have finalized the changes to your will as per your instructions. Details of your bank agreements have been transferred and encrypted to the datashard below. You will also be pleased to know that the civil case pertaining your transfer or ownership of The Afterlife has been settled in court. Please give us a call regarding this matter at your earliest convenience.

June Mohany Merrill, Asukaga & Finch

Conversation with Rogue about her son

Rogue (on the phone) : They’re in escrow. Paperwork’s with Asukaga and Finch. Yeah, everything’s fine. Got not reason to worry. Now, pull over, kill the engine and have a nice long look at the stars. Simply that. You won’t regret it. Gotta go. I love you.

Johnny : Rogue. Who was that?

Rogue : My son.

Johnny : Wasn’t expectin’ that... You’re telling me you, uh... you got a, uh...?

Rogue : Private life? Yeah. And we’ll leave it at that.


Jim Morrison

Santiago’s background and family backstory is very similar to Jim Morrison’s. The quests where Saul is featured heavily have two songs from The Doors (Riders on the storm & Queen of the highway). Saul also texts and speaks in a poetic way sometimes.

Note : Rogue and Saul’s deaths mirror each other.

This is a closeup of Saul and Rogue’s iris. Same colors and texture.

The rest are Alt, Evelyn and Misty

With a younger Saul



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