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High Hopes

Audio scene is meant to be listened separately, but it’s also a metaphor for the photostory.

One Journey through the Major Arcana

« A cycle has ended and what you lived together, will never be forgotten. Now, another one of your fool’s journeys is about to begin. Past lessons will help you choose more wisely this time, but don’t forget to listen to your intuition on the way. In the battle between the rational and the emotional sides, the true winner always lies in between. »

- Misty

Remember who you truly are.

Remember what we’ve done, together.

Only you know where between lies.

Only you know...

Have you forgotten me?

Until the end, I promised you.

I won’t let this be over yet.

Please, find me up there.

I’ll wait for you, endlessly...

Till we finally have a chance.

- Saul

“Step out of darkness”



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