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Good Luck

Kerry : Show's starting in five V, come the fuck on!

Denny : Babe focus! We can't delay for this one!


Tonight, Electric Veins is performing on its biggest stage yet and V's nerves are sky-scraping. It's not so much that the audience is totally terrifying and some security measures taken were pretty alarming, but it's the fact that her biggest supporter is more than two hours late... Saul's never late and was there on every open night of a venue she had and this one, is a big fucking deal.

V keeps twisting his leather bracelet frantically around her wrist, that he shares with her for personal reasons... and on important gigs for good luck. But this time she's starting to think she might be out of luck.

He doesn't pick up his phone and Panam said that he left camp a while ago, like usual and that she might herself miss the start of the show if she can’t get through that hysterical crowd after yelling in her car for 30 minutes just to find a parking spot so far, she’d prefer to crash in the dressing room for the night than to walk back after this. Doesn't she have a VIP pass too? He can’t possibly be still stuck outside and his phone coincidentally died? Or maybe he had a last minute emergency or something... Cause he always makes a point to give her a few last minute encouragements at least...

Here's hoping that somewhere across the blinding lights of the concert, she'll be locking eyes with him again.

Time to go then and blast it so loud, Pan’s gonna have her ears bleeding in the waiting line!





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