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Bedding Sets

I needed more colors for the blankets and I ended up doing complete bedding sets CAUSE I JUST COULDN’T NOT!

3 sets with 3 different fabrics and decals for the bedding :

A. Wool & Linen - Flower

B. Silk - Dragon

C. Oxford - Asia

+ All fabrics & colors with a NO PATTERN version

4 items recolored -> AMM names

1. Bedding -> Bedding duvet kitsch asian

2. Mattress -> Bed single & Bedding Mattress

3. Pillow -> Pillow bed

4. Blanket -> Blanket (1 to 6)

Put one archive file at a time for each item in Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod

You can mix and match colors for separate items, but you can’t have two blankets a different color at the same time.

Tip : All the items can be resized proportionally or on separate axis so it helps to hide items that can't be deleted on some beds.

Set A. Wool & Linen - Flowers

Stay warm and toasty 🍜🫖🫂


1. Elizabeth Bennett

2. Jo March

3. Scout Finch

4. Jane Eyre

5. Scarlett O’Hara

6. Anna Karenina

7. Anne Shirley

8. Laura Ingalls

9. Karen Blixen

Set B. Silk - Dragon

Higher thread count uwu 🥂🍱💋


1. Natsume Soseki

2. Tatsuko Hoshino

3. Takashi Matsumoto

4. Kobayashi Issa

5. Yosa Buson

6. Matsuo Basho

7. Masaoka Shiki

Set C. Oxford - Asia

Sleep without sweating waterfalls 🧋🧁🌿


1. William Shakespeare

2. Emily Dickinson

3. Edgar Allen Poe

4. Pablo Neruda

5. Oscar Wilde

6. Maya Angelou

7. Robert Frost

8. Sappho

A special thanks to @86maylin@breezypunk​ and @scumpatrol​ who helped me begin my modding journey. I wouldn’t have been able to get where I wanted without you. 💜💜💜

I did not test all the colors with the no decal version, so if there is any problem with the mods, message me here, or on Twitter or ping me on Discord (same alias everywhere).

Currently working on other bedroom furnitures so that’ll be next.

I don’t take requests, thank you.

Credit not necessary, but I appreciate it to see your work and share it!




Added STANDALONES of all the items (you can spawn all the colors you want at the same time now in AMM)

PS : You can use Standalones + one Replacer of each item at the same time.

Made these changes :

- Fixed the recolor of the beddings where a bit of red was showing at the crease.

- Fixed the beddings being invisible on the other side.

- Made wool & linen textures a little less rough on the pillows and mattresses.

Codes & Instructions in the download

Tested on patch 1.5.

Added on Nexus.


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