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Brothers for life

My friend and I always thought that Saul & Goro would get along well together. They share a lot of values together, have a similar behavior and personality. They might come from opposite factions, but we know that it’s the beauty of it all.

We hope they’ll meet each other one day and bond over what they love and how they see life. We believe they would really understand each other well, seeing the struggles they share and that they could work together to bring balance and strong support.

So this is a little story that happens somewhere in the future. I’m gonna resume very brieftly what happens and you can click and swipe the pictures after if you want a better quality and see them better. This story brought a lot of laughs and smiles to me and @zyana-wyvern. So enjoy! :)


So Goro calls his bro, cause he had a fight with his V over some stupid stuff again. Saul decides to try his best to cheer him up by meeting him at Lizzy’s. At one point, Saul tells some gonk to piss off for whatever reason while they’re chilling and drinking. XD

Despite Saul’s best efforts, Goro can’t seem to get his mind off what happened. Saul convinces Goro to call her. He knows way too well the struggle of keeping his feelings inside… 😏

After a couple of drinks, Goro finally drags his ass by himself on the dancefloor, but Saul realizes after a while he’s gonna have to get on babysitting duty for his brother. Saul’s getting tired, but Goro drunker. This boy doesn’t want to stop dancing!

He also tries to go to the bathroom alone, but I have no idea how that turned out… After looking around for him everywhere, Saul finds Goro upstairs having trouble standing on his own feet and gives him some help and moral support. ;)

“No worries brother, I got you.”



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