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Aldebaran's Peak

“Now that feels like home.”


Aldebaran (Alpha Tauri) is the brightest star in constellation Taurus and 14th brightest in the sky. A giant reddish star called “the fiery eye of the bull”. I chose this name for one of my favorite location cause of my zodiac sign, but also cause of a native legend I feel connected to :

“In the Dakota Sioux tradition, Aldebaran was the child of the sun and the lady blue star (Rigel). He desired to hunt the White Buffalo (the Pleiades) and as he pulled a sapling from the ground to make a spear, he looked into the hole and saw all the people of the world below. As he stared down, the white buffalo took its chance and pushed him through the hole to plummet down to the earth where he was found by an old woman. He was then known as the Old Womans Grandson and gained a reputation for killing monsters that had been plaguing the people. One such monster was the serpent that had caused drought. When he killed the serpent, it released a great stream of water that then become the wondering Mississippi River. Similarly, there is Canadian Inuit cosmology which also associates the Pleiades and Aldebaran with a hunt but it is the other way round. The Pleiades are this time the hunters of a polar bear Aldebaran (Nanurjuk).“



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